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Fermentation is ancient and wild…..

Sourdough has been around for thousand of years, and is the fermentation of flour + water through wild yeasts that occur naturally in our environment

Sourdough stands apart from conventional, dry-yeast store bought breads.
Its flavour is more complex, and its health benefits FAR outweigh that of unfermented bread 


One of the biggest reasons as to why Sourdough should be your bread of choice, is that it has a lower glycemic index than regular bread,
which allows for more stable blood sugar!


Keeping our blood sugar stable is KEY to
balanced hormones
high, stable energy
managing stress efficiently

Our Sourdough is ​made with simple ingredients:

white & whole grain flour, sea salt, water

but NOTHING is simple when it comes to it's taste & life-changing benefits

Our Sourdough Breads



Classically crusty



Soft & fluffy

Tired of being bloated by your bread? You can find these sourdough breads and yummy & filling lunch options made with our breads (that won’t leave you feeling heavy and bloated) at our Stall in Rodney Bay!

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